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Everything on It by Shel Silverstein

Immersion parents have to make a commitment to ensure their children read English books at home daily.  This not only promotes a wonderful lifelong habit, but helps the child keep up in English.  At my children’s school, parents must sign off every night that the child was read to, or reads to themselves, for 20 minutes.

Shel Silverstein’s classic and timeless books of poetry are perfect, as the kids love to read these over and over.  Myself and Silverstein’s million of other fans were ecstatic when his latest collection of never-before-published poems and drawing were released last year.

Despite the weird mugshot type photo someone slapped on the back of the book, ‘The Giving Tree,’ which, in my humble opinion, is about a selfish child taking advantage of unconditonal love, ‘Everything on It’ is a treasure. This, along with his other collections, ’A Light in the Attic’, ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ and ‘Falling Up’ are worth buying in hardcover.
Here is an excerpt:



I’ve told you a hundred tall stories, I’ve sung you a thousand sweet songs, I’ve wrote you a million ridiculous rhymes (Though sometimes the grammar was wrong). I’ve drawn you a zillion pictures, So being as fair as can be, After all that I’ve writtensungtolddrawn for you, Won’t you writesingtelldraw one for me?users know a little more about you.​

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