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The Books

Elementary school choices are many and often overwhelming: public or private, language immersion or traditional, charter or homeschool.

But myself, as well as thousands of other global thinking parents, have chosen this amazing program as a way of educating our children. My oldest is in his seventh year, and I have not regretted one day. 

After spending years overseas, I truly believe being bilingual is a gift that opens up the, banking, government, medical, military, commerce, non profit, endless. To speak to someone in ‘their’ language gains their trust, friendship and respect in no other way possible.

The ‘I Know How To Books' series was created to give to your child at the beginning of their language learning journey include

I Know How To Hola  (English/Spanish)
I Know How To Ni Hao (English/Mandarin Chinese)
I Know How To Bon Jour

Educators: If you wish to buy in bulk for your incoming immersion students, please contact me for discount bulk rate.

PTO/PTAs:  I love doing author visits to schools! It is an absolute privilege to meet our young language learners! Please contact me for fee/availability or to schedule an author visit to your school. 



Susanne Aspley

Susanne Aspley served in the Peace Corps, Thailand, 1989-1991. She then worked in North Yorkshire, England as well as Ra’anana, Israel. She is also a veteran, serving 20 years in the US Army Reserve as a photojournalist with deployments in Bosnia, Cuba, Kuwait and Panama. She holds a BA in English Literature with a Minor in Film from the University of Minnesota and is a graduate of the Defense Information School, Ft Meade, MD.


Lucas Richards



Hello, my name is Lucas Ricahrds. I'm a human from the great state of Wisconsin. I studied graphic design over at the Univerisy of Wisconsin, Stout and shortly after graduating moved myself to the fine city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I currently spend most of my time at a small design firm called Spunk Design Machine doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

I also co-founded a screenprinting / cabinetry shop called Mousesaw with an old hometown friend. 

2010 - present

2010 - present



Kathy Liu

Ni Hao! My name is Qijun ‘Kathy’ Liu and I knew how to “Ni Hao” from the day I was born in China! I’m a second grade teacher in the Chinese immersion program at Excelsior Elementary School in MN. I hold a BA in English, MA in International Business and the MN K-6 teaching license.  Speaking two languages has been truly a blessing to me! “What you learn is forever, and it’s better than gold." What I’ve learned helped me stay in the United States and enjoy my life as a wife, a mother and a teacher.



Laurance Gallarato, a French native grew up in Paris and lived there for 19 years. She now loves to go back home to visit her family in the beautiful regions of Bordeaux and Bearn. After studying in Bordeaux with a double major in History/Arts/Geography and Tourisim, she worked as a tour guide in Europe before moving to the U.S about 30 years ago.

She has been a teacher and for many years has organized family-stay programs in France, cultivating a better understaanding of cultures for American studens and instilling in them a love for her country.

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